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public forum curriculum

Our public forum curriculum is tried and tested on every circuit. With more than 25 professional teachers on staff in 2018-2019, we help develop a curriculum that works on local circuits and national circuits. Having teachers from every corner of the United States helps us bring together a curriculum that matches your school’s style of public forum while pushing your teams forward to #ReachForTheSummit.

Our Public Forum curriculum is directed by Jeffrey Miller. He’s the Director of Speech & Debate at Marist School in Atlanta, Georgia and has been teaching in the classroom for a decade. In 2018, the National Speech & Debate Association named him the Georgia Debate Educator of the Year.

interpretation curriculum

Interpretation done right sends its audience a message. At the National Speech Forum, we equip your students with tools necessary to fine tune their message in their piece. With a small student to staff ratio, our curriculum is able to be implemented so that your student gets guaranteed one on one teaching every single day at camp.

Our Interpretation curriculum is directed by Joele Denis. He’s a speech coach at American Heritage School in Plantation, Florida. He specifically works to build their lower and middle school programs. With experience teaching middle school students and coaching NSDA High School National Champions, Joele is able to build a curriculum that is responsive to your student’s needs regardless of where they are coming from.


Confidence and self-empowerment are crucial elements in every original oration, informative speaking and original advocacy. With that in mind, our oratory curriculum puts those elements first, helping your students find their voice, and more importantly, finding their message. We teach them that they have the power to change and/or educate their communities and culture. And they do, whether they are are returning national finalists or first-time speaker.

Our Oratory curriculum is directed by Bob Ickes. Bob is one of the most sought after speech consultants in the country in high school speech competition. He had more than ten students reach elimination rounds at the NSDA National Tournament just in 2018 alone.